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Wandering Dog Productions:

Wandering Dog Productions is a digital media group that works with tailored production companies, commercial clients, and non-profit organizations to produce engaging digital media.    

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Facts and Fuel

Project LA Rescued:

We at Wandering Dog Productions have experienced first hand the positive impact our animals have made in our lives. In order to give back, Project LA Rescued was created as our way of honoring the rescued animals and working dogs who have provided us with so much joy, dedication, and inspiration. No matter what, they are always there for us.

To honor these wonderful animals, Veterinarian, Dr. Meaghan Corbett, Wandering Dog Photographer, Jim Corbett, and a small group of volunteers are working together to raise support, awareness, and funding for rescue animal and working dog organizations.

While shooting on location and during their travels, Project LA Rescued's volunteers take time away from their work to locate and capture moments in the lives of rescued animals and working dogs. Photographs are taken of animals while at home, passing through their frequented or favorite places, and while hard at work.

Free photo sessions and digital prints from those sessions are provided to service dog handlers, so they may have memories of their partners and companions, and so they know we care and appreciate what they do.

Upon return from our travels, our volunteers spend hours editing photos, film, and other media, which is used to promote awareness and support for these animals. We then offer a number of items for sale to the public to include, calendars, prints, cards, and additional items. One hundred percent of the proceeds from items purchased go to supporting a number of working dog and animal rescue organizations.

In addition to raising support and awareness through our digital media, Dr. Meaghan Corbett provides local assistance to service dogs by volunteering her time to provide veterinary care. Working dog handler's receive care at a reduced cost (and if funding is available), for no cost. 

Project LA Rescued donates and provides support to organizations who we feel make the most direct impact on supporting our four legged friends. To support our efforts, please consider purchasing a print, or item from our gift shop.

Thank you for your support!

The Project LA Rescued Team

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